Do you Treat Couples as well as Individuals? (yes)

Both typs of work are difficult, but Family Therapists can help. I do unique exercises with couples to improve communication and understanding. The relationship to self is what individual counseling is mostly about, and often involves working on feelings about someone else. 


Do you Accept Insurance? (no)

Insurance lessens the confidentiality of our work. I wouldn't want my diagnosis floating across someone else's desk or being transmitted electronically to a company server. You may feel differently.


Can I try before I buy? (A one session consultaton is $150.00, some only need one session, some return weekly, some as needed a few times per year. It is OK to state your needs.)

Not every therapist is right for every client. We can meet and discuss your issues and see what you hope to get out of therapy. If you feel safe, comfortable, listened to and helped during our first meeting, its a good sign. After that, you can choose to return or keep seeking other therapists. I've treated some clients for years, and some for only a visit to get them through a difficult time.  Your situation will be unique to you.